Term & Condition


Process of album & Editing

•    Minimum 3 x 24 hours ( 3 days ) after the day of shooting
•    Maximum 14 x24 hours ( 14 days ) after the day of shooting


Terms and Policies

•    For easier process to make the album and editing, so the photo files are put into the album which are chosen by us, and we will give the best result to you
•    If you would like select the photos to keep at the album, we will give the soft copy first, and if I work over time, the total shipping fee will be charge to the you
•    If you is in Bali lack 3 days after taking picture, so shipping fee of album is not to become our responsible


Billing arrangement and Payment policy

•    Down payment/deposit to hold the date minimum 25% from the package price
•    No credit facilities. All invoices shall be settled within 7 (days) upon receipt of invoice.


Cancellation Policy

•    Any cancellation must be in written by mail or with subject to approval of Amazing Photography Bali
•    If the order is canceled before 30 days from the schedule, therefore the down payment/deposit will be lost